Diabetisweet Sugar Substitute

Diabetisweet Sugar Substitute. DiabetiSweet is sweetened with Acesulfame-K, a high intensity non-nutritive sweetener. It also contains Isomalt, a heat-stable bulking agent that adds volume to cakes, breads, and other recipes. DiabetiSweet does not contain Sucrose, Fructose, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Sodium or Saccharin.

Why Artificial Sweeteners are Bad For You and the Planet – I was drinking sugar-free Red Bulls and dumping Splenda into my morning coffee like my life depended on it. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I considered myself healthy then. I always heard nega.

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VitaFiber IMO Powder – Prebiotic Fiber Sugar-Free Sweetener – Alternative Sugar Substitute – 2.2 lbs

DiabetiSweet is a sugar substitute intended for baking and cooking. This nonnutritive sweetener is made with acesulfame-K and isomalt, a sugar alcohol made from beets. Sugar alcohols have about half the calories and carbohydrate as regular sugar. DiabetiSweet does not contain aspartame or sucralose, which are other types of nonnutritive sweeteners.

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Product Description. DiabetiSweet is the perfect substitute for sugar. It tastes just like sugar, is used measure-for-measure in place of sugar, and it won t increase blood glucose or insulin levels. The real magic to DiabetiSweet® is in its unique combination of safe and delicious ingredients: Isomalt: Made from sugar Same texture.

E968 Erythritol – Sugar Alcohol. My Advice. Artificial sweeteners can be less carcinogenic than sucrose (table sugar). But why use artificial sweeteners whose safety is clearly not demonstrated?

Thyroid health is compromised by sweeteners: sugars, fructose and honey (even though it should be good for us), organic maple syrup, molasses, date sugar, brown rice syrup and Agave to name a few.

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